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The Nationwide Process Servers Association is a group of process servers who's goal is to simplify Service of Process. This site allows you to locate, price, and order Service of Process from our nationwide directory of member process servers. You have four options to order Service of Process.

1. Contact our process servers directly. Make arrangements for service and payment.
2. Order process service online. Send documents electronically and pay via credit card or PayPal.
3. Order process service by fax. Print out service request form, fax documents, and pay online via credit card or PayPal.
4. Order process service my mail. Print out service request form, mail documents, and pay via check.

The NPSA Process Server directory will help you locate a legal process server that can serve your subpoena, complaint, subpoena duces tecum, subpoena ad testificandum, summons, order to show cause, or any other legal document that you need personally served. You have two options for locating a process server. You can search by state and county, or you can search by zip code.

What is a process server? A legal process server is an individual who provides personal delivery of legal documents such as subpoenas, divorce papers, and foreclosure papers. Each state has process server laws governing the rules of service of process in that state. The state where the service originates, is the state law that applies to that particular serve.

Nationwide Process Servers Association